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Monthly Rate
    $1,100 per month for full time care.
What's Covered in the Monthly Rate?

*All costs for preschool materials, crafts, and extra classroom supplies are fully covered in the weekly rates. There is no additional charge.

*We are a member of the USDA Food Program, so all meals are fully paid by the preschool. There is no additional charge.

*Deposits: There are no deposits required. Regular payments for care are due in advance. 

*Potty Training: If your child is still potty training, you will be required to provide the preschool with all diapering supplies for your child. 

Vacation Time

*Parents can take up to two weeks (10 days) per year of vacation time without having to pay.

*If the preschool closes for any reason (other than major holidays) parents do not have to pay for days missed.

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